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About The ShaftMaster System

A Torsionmeter is used in the marine industry on vessel propeller shafts to measure the ship’s performance including marine shaft horsepower, shaft torque, shaft RPM, total shaft revolutions, horsepower hours, and engine hours.

Why is it important to use a Torsion Meter? Hillhouse Industrial & Marine, Inc’s ShaftMaster torsionmeter systems will help maintain the vessel’s performance by having historical data such as shaft horsepower, shaft RPM, shaft torque, total shaft revolutions, and engine hours, triggered by a RPM setpoint, and is available to compare on a monthly, daily, or even hourly basis. We believe that it is the most reliable and accurate torsionmeter system on the market.

Why does your vessel need the ShaftMaster? or any ship torque sensors, ship horsepower sensors, or ship RPM sensors? The only way to know a vessel’s true horsepower is by measuring at the shaft with a torque meter. It is very important to know the true horsepower before and after servicing the vessel in a shipyard. Marine companies will pay for a simple sea trial to measure horsepower for more than what the permanent ShaftMaster system costs.

Mission Statement

It is the purpose of Hillhouse Industrial & Marine, Inc. to provide our customers with outstanding products and service in both the Marine and industry by demanding and delivering the highest level of integrity to our customers, vendors, and employees. We have been in business since 1984 and our vision is to be a recognized global leader focused on providing innovative diagnostic solutions with substantial value to existing and emerging industry needs.

Our marine ship measurement products will enable the delivery of crucial information – empowering ship companies to make critical decisions to improve their vessel’s performance. We will work toward making this vision a reality by leveraging our proprietary technology and cutting-edge scientific expertise, to continually develop accurate, versatile and easy-to-use diagnostic products.

Hillhouse Industrial & Marine, Inc.
Rodney Hillhouse

Past Job History

Year Company System Ship
2006 Viking Ferry Portable Sea Trial
2010 India Coast Guard 1000-2 (2TCPS) Yard 221
2010 Majestic Cruise Lines 1000 Free Winds
2012 India Coast Guard 1000-2 (2TCPS Yard 222
2012 Seaboard Controls 1000 Cape Horn
2012 Seaboard Controls Sea Trial Cape Hudson
2012 Seaboard Controls 1000 Cape Hudson
2012 Austal USA Portable Sea Trial
2012 Horizon Lines 1000 Enterprise
2013 Smith Maritime 1000 Tug Elsbeth II
2013 Imtech Marine Netherlands 1000 One Year Rental
2014 India Coast Guard 1000-2 (2TCPS) Yard 223
2014 Technical Marine Services 1000M Capella
2015 Technical Marine Services 1000M Algoi
2016 Technical Marine Services SM 1000SK Mercy
2016 ADM Harvest Shipping SM 1000M Harvest Plains
2016 ADM Harvest Shipping SM 1000M Harvest Plains
2017 ADM Harvest Shipping SM 1000M Harvest Plains
2017 Technical Marine Services SM 1000M Pollux
2018 Pronova Systems SM 5000 M/V Vacancier

Our Products

  • Shaft Horsepower
  • Shaft RPM
  • Shaft Torque
  • Total Shaft Horsepower Hours
  • Shaft Kilowatts
  • Shaft NM
  • Specific Fuel Consumption
  • Total Shaft Revolutions 
  • Instant RPM
  • ​Average RPM and Horsepower
  • Total Shaft Horsepower Hours
  • Total Engine Hours (with RPM set point used to keep total engine running time)
  • All data recorded on a Micro SD chip (removable with power on).  Opens in Excel
  • 2 each 4-20 A inputs OR 2 each thermocouples
  • 12 each digital inputs and outputs, 4 of which can be used as high speed counters
  • Ethernet Port
  • 2 each Serial Ports
  • Modbus
  • Micro SD chip that can store program and data and be sent to a date & time stamped  
  •  Excel spreadsheet
  • Touchscreens can be networked to other remote displays or controllers
  • 3 1/2 inch or 7 inch
  • RPM Total Shaft Revolutions
  • RPM Meter for manuevering with 4-20Ma output (updates every second
  • Jacking Gear No Motion/Motion detection with audible and/or visual alarm
  • Bearing Temperature
  • Bearing wear detection based on initial ShaftMaster installation
  • Specific Fuel Consumption (interface to existing fuel meters or we can supply)
  • Bridge/Wheelhouse remote for all ShaftMaster standard and option data
  • Programming for other needs such as engine pressure or temperature
  • ShaftMaster system can be networked to on board ship management system
  • All data including standard and any other options can also be networked to on board ship management system
  • Stand Alone ShaftMaster 1000RPM system with 4-20Ma output
  • Remote Touchscreen

The HIM16 board has 16 switches used for anything that requires manual controls
And is unlimited to anything you want to control.  Every channel is 5 amp fused with a light.  Free Tech support.  Good for Control Companies,Electricians,Any and all Maintenance
Facilities. This product is well designed to be a manual backup for any automatic System such as feedmill batching systems for feedmills.  Most systems today rely strictly on automatic and can be dangerous for your future production if your service provider is slow in getting you backup and running such as the Corona Virus or any other future catastrophe.

     If 16 channels is not enough all you have to do is add more boards.  We do design and
Manufacture custom systems.

Partnered with Pronova Systems

We have partnered with Pronova Systems, Inc for a fuel conservation system to integrate with the ShaftMaster.

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